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      House 12 years old, gas hot water heater set to hot temperture. Only luke warm water in shower also takes extended time to get warm. Taps in bathroom furthest from tank water is warm instantly. Taps elsewhere in house water is hot. Well supplied water, water softner installed.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      You state there is hot water coming out of some taps, so the water heater is doing the job. Some shower valves mix cold with hot water and have stop settings to limit the hot water temperature. You may have your problem at the shower valve.

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      Sounds like your tank may have a problem with “dip tube” which brings water from coldwater inlet down to bottom of tank. If it breaks off cold water short-circuits from inlet to outlet without ever gaining proper flow through tank. I already bought a new tank and was installing it before I found this problem with mine.–you can buy those dip tubes and save the price of a whole new tank!

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      Hi John did you check for a by pass of hot and cold through either a washing machine (solenoid valves not holding) Possibly a single lever faucet like a moen letting water mix?

      Return circulation line on the hot water heater by passing (defective check valve)

      What you can do is go down to the tank and feel the cold water (incoming to the tank) and see if it warm.

      If it is you should install a heat sink of 27″ to prevent the stratification of hot moving to cold.

      The dip tube is a definite possibility BUT normally you would also see particles of these tubes in your aerator as it disintegrates.

      You could also consider having your tank flushed as sediment can build up on the bottom and act as an insulator from the full BTU input.

      Good Luck

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      try turning just the hot tap on, is the flow very slow?? could be a faulty mixer cartridge, or the jumper valve is jamming just as it opens and restricting the flow.

      “Only luke warm water in shower also takes extended time to get warm” suggests that there is a restriction to that fixture

Viewing 4 reply threads
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