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        Dear sir or madam

        My name is Chang Lail. I¡|m a student at University of New South Wale studying Building Construction
        Management in third year.

        I¡|m sending you this e-mail because I need some help with an assignment that I have to do and the
        assignment also involve a presentation. The topic is on Stormwater Management during Construction. This
        topic is not one that can easy be search in the library because it is a pacific topic. Most of the
        information that can be found are base on stormwater management in general.

        The informations that I need for the assignment are:
        1. What measure are put in place to control the runoff on construction site?
        2. How are site drainage plans for?
        3. What role does council play in stormwater management plan?
        4. What are the ranges of product use?
        5. How effective are those products use in achieving it purpose?
        6. What is the average cost for stormwater management on each site?

        „h Is there any other information that you feel might be useful to the assignment, please do not hesitate
        to include.

        Can you be so kind as to send the information to:
        Chang Lail
        45 Pevensey St Canley Vale 2166
        Contact No. 0418218514

        E-mail to:
        [email protected]

        Thank You for your time and your help.
        Chang Lail

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        Avatar photobungie

          Approach your local council, they will have all the infomation you need, since they regulate it

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