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      Has any body come across rusting from the female thread at the outlet of a dux hot water system?
      The service people said that the nipple had to be screwed in all the way!
      If this is the case why wouldn’t they stress the issue more.
      The rheem unit does not have these problems as they are a brass thread!
      Your comments please.

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      Yes David I came this very problem only 2 weeks ago ( the female thread was rusting on the inlet of the heater on the cold water supply) and I rang dux service CENTRE (joke) and they sent their plumber out who said the heater was 14 months old and was not under their warranty and they would charge $80 to fix their problem.
      Our customer won’t be queueing to buy there heaters again and my Plumbing Company certainly won’t be recommending their heaters.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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