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        I have a Premier reverse osmosis water filtration system installed under the kitchen sink. Recently the air gap faucet has been making lots of gurgling noises and the the drain is also making noises. I checked the drain line of the filter system and, in fact, water is wasting into the drain. Any suggestions to cure?

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          Your RO system runs water to drain every time you take water out of it. Most 18 gpd systems use a 100 to 150 ml per minute flow control located on the outlet side of the membrane housing. This flow control will restrict the concentrate waste flow across your membrane. If you try to turn it off you will ruin your membrane. The problem with your air gap is that you have some food that has not passed down your drain that is creating a dam inside your drain pipe. Any time you separate water from a pipe you get that falling water sound (gurgling). Try a little warm water with some lemon juice to break up the blockage. Make sure the 3/8′” drain line coming from your air gap is straight to the drain.

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            Thanks a bunch. I’ll give it a try.

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