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      The buyers of our house have just completed an inspection and are requesting we replace our galvinized piping in our 100 yr old house. Is this a requirement? Would they be wanting this in order to install a water softener (I’ve read it’s difficult with the galvinized piping). Is this an expensive job? I’m a chick who knows absolutely nothing about plumbing! Thanks.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      If the pipes are leaky, weak, or damaged, the selling regulations may require you to change the pipes, there is no other reason to change them. It is not difficult to cut and thread pipe for someone with the tools to do so – any more than any other pipe. It is also not usual for present owners of a house to go into custom building for new owners.

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      Years ago we installed wrought iron and another type of galvanized piping called Yalloy BOTH of these types of galvanized piping last and last. If something is not broken DON’T FIX IT.

      The galvanized that is showing is only half of it what is inside the walls and under the bathroom floor.

      These folks will open Pandora’s box if they try to replace this working piping.

      I would tell them as is or get some other buyer.

      At what point do you stop replacing the pipe?
      Do you replace the 100 year old sewer piping or the vent piping or all the drainage pipe?

      This is a case of break down maintenance not replacement.

      I am able to keep many of the over 125 year old buildings still going with minimum piping replacement.

      Tell these folks get a point of use filter is they feel they have a need for it and leave the plumbing do its job

      A lot of the one family homes (Mansions) near me were built in 1922 and other then a few minor repairs like replacing washers on the original faucets or repairing the old high mahogany copper lined water tanks for the toilets everything is in tact including the old lead waste traps and lines occasionally we do a little lead wiping, just to keep these works of art going just like new.

      This old lead piping could possibly outlast any other materials as lead can handle most of the chemicals that are thrown down the fixtures

      It is like taking an old Ford Model T and replacing the engine and installing an automatic transmission it just isn’t right.

      Hey the piping did last all this time there is no reason it cant out live the folks buying this home

      Have a great week end

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      Is it a buyers or sellers market, Do you want to spend possibly thousands of dollars ….. make sure you have a water tight (no pun intended) contract. You dont want to spend that much money and not get to complete the sale. Buying a house that 100 yrs old its understood they are buying “older” fixtures and fittings

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      Thanks so much for the helpful replies. We are definitely telling them we’re not touching the piping. It is a seller’s market and these guys really want the house since they’ve offered $25,000 over list!

      Thanks again.

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      Good luck and here is a point of information for you in case you decide to buy another 100 year old home with galvanized piping :-).

      What can be done to preserve the galvanized inside the wall from being replaced is
      installing dielectric fittings to prevent brass (valves) from coming in contact with the existing ferrous lines.

      As long as the old piping doesn’t come in contact with copper/ brass or bronze there should be no problems for many more years from electrolitic action. Good Luck

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