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        I have an American Standard toilet. I am not sure how old it is, because it was in our house when we bought it. It could be 20 years old or so. The tank cracked on it, and I bought an American Standard replacement tank. When trying to install the tank, the holes in the bottom that attach it to the bowl do not line up correctly. When I put the bolts in the holes, they go in at an angle. I can only tighten them down so far, and cannot get them to fasten down snug. I thought that by buying the same brand of tank, that it would fit without a problem. Am I doing something wrong? Do I just have the wrong tank? Am I going to have to replace the toilet? Thanks for your help!

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          There is a manufacturer that sells bolts on a slider that allows for different tanks to be installled on older toilets BUT if you want to save a lot of money and time GO OUT GET A NEW Toilet complete

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            The new tanks are designed for low water use toilets. Therefore they have changed the bolts so you cannot use them on older toilets. And if you could, they would not have enough water to flush the bowl properly. Buy a complete toilet and then check with your water company to see if they give a rebate for installing low flush toilets, (which is all you will be able to buy).

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