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        I would like some info on installing a sewage ejector pump. I know it gets buried underground in a basin. Can it be buried inside? How much area does the lid of the basin take up and do you have to leave free space around it? The problem we have encountered is trying to fit all our mechanicals in a light well including the pump. thanks again for any imput.

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          Federal pumps (1144 Utica Ave Brooklyn, NY 11203) Has various systems you could use. Including the “Master Flush” packaged sewerage units where the actual pump motor is not submersed in the slime water. Depending of the amount of fixtures and square foot an of drainage is what predicates the size of the sump.

          This system offers simplex and duplex pumping capabilities with proven quality pumps (they have been around since 1927). Unfortunately you didn’t give me enough information to venture a guess on the type of pumping system you may require. Try contacting Federal and they can design a proper system for you NO PROBLEM

          There is no such thing one pumps fits all.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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