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        I just finished replacing all the plumbing and fixtures in the back house on my property. Tenants moved in last night and when they turned on the water the pipes in my front house starting shaking and I thought they were going to blow !! The city water comes to the front house first and then off to the back house … but I’m not really sure where the split is (underground I suspect)

        I couldn’t get the pipes to repeat this last night, but this morning it started again ??

        Any ideas ??

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Check each faucet for a possible loose washer/ Check the toilets for a ball cock not closing properly / Check for long runs of piping not properly supported

          Check your dish washer wwashing machine to make sure the solenoid valves are not chattering GOOD LUCK this is what makes plumbing fun

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            Thanks, good advice. I’ve found a couple of long runs that were’nt secure but it hasn’t completely cured it.

            A couple rookie questions …

            What is the ball cock, the stopper on the tank of the toilet ?? What washers on the faucet, under the hot and cold handles ? All fixtures are brand new if that matters ?

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              1-The ball cock is inside the toilet tank to refill the tank after the

              2-Tank flapper/bulb / stopper is lifted (VIA handle) off the Douglas valve ( the thingy :-) that allows the water to actually flush the bowl)

              3- Even NEW faucets could have a defective (loose) washer.

              Try each faucet first one side (Hot) then Cold to see if you hear the noise

              You may look into the possibility of installing an air chamber to take up for the shock waves that can occur from quick closing valves like the solenoid valves in your washing machine or dish washer.

              Try to find your main pressure as excessive pressure would also cause a banging ( THUMP)
              Have any more questionsplease feel free to ask . Have a great week end
              Sylvan (Life Member DAV) USN LOL

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