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      Recently, I discovered in my upstairs bathroom that water comes down from the toilet whenever you flush. I have taken out the toilet and actually poured water down the soil pipe and water comes down to the first floor. So, I believe that there is a crack somewhere in the soil pipe. The soil pipe is cast iron. I probably need to bust up the floor to get to the soil pipe…but..What type of material pvc, brass etc. should I get for my new soil pipe. What materials do I need to retrofit the cast iron and how should I amend it to the cast iron?

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      If you have cast Iron stick with it BUT if local codes allow use NO HUB Cast iron.

      You can cut the existing Cast Iron pipe then attach the new NH with no hub couplings DO NOT USE FERNCO

      If your existing Cast Iron is extra heavy cast Iron try to locate a Mission CouplingHCI NH for a neater job. If you can not locate it go strictly no hub couplings and NO HUB fiitings

      Cast Iron is the Quiet pipe FORGET PLASTIC and BRASS piping UNLESS you own a few oil wells FORGET Brass drainage.

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