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        I recently purchased a new toilet and was ready to install it. I picked up a toilet wax ring for 3″-4″. The waste pipe is 4″ but the outlet hole in the bottom of the toilet is only 2″. I assume the wax ring must be snug against the outlet hole in the bottom of the toilet. But I have not been able to locate a smaller wax ring. Do they make them? Or there some other kind of transition that should be used?


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          The normal discharge pipe diameter for a toilet is 3″-4″ and the toilet horn (outlet) is about 2″ inside diameter.
          The wax gasket fits outside of the toilet discharge opening and when this is placed over the lead pipe (waste line) and the 2 brass bolts are made up the soft wax makes a GAS TIGHT SEAL as it compresses.

          I hope this Helps you

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