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      I just installed a new water heater. We used 3/4 in. copper and a flexible hose that connect to the top of the tank. When we turn the hot water on full to fill up the bath tub, we hear a vibrating sound coming from hot line of the tank. Could there just be air in the lines still or another problem?

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      Why a flexible hose?

      The noise could be the shower washer is vibrating.

      Does this happen only on the shower/tub?

      Did you use a gate /globe or ball valve by the heater?

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      First I would like to take a moment to commend Sylvan on his consistant efforts to share his obvious knowledge , I am new to this sight and althouigh I do not agree with all of Sylvans opinions I respect that all that he says is based on love of the trade and pride in his ability. A dying attribute in this Industry. Good job Sylvan,
      As far as the water heater goes another item you may check(albiet)certainly not the only possibility is that water heaters used to come with 2 steel nipples for the inlet and outlet , these nipples had steel balls in them to act as a sort of back flow of hot water to the cold line, and on many occasion the balls would rattle during use , but as Sylvan mentioned chech your valves ,

Viewing 2 reply threads
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