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      My shower faucet is external to the wall. It’s chrome plated, so was probably designed for such an installation. Two 1/2″ chrome supply pipes, 6″ apart, run along the shower wall leading to it and are connected to it by chrome union-type fittings. I am constantly replacing the washers in it, and since the finish on it isn’t in great shape, rather than grind the seats, I would just as soon replace it. The name “Standard” and either ReNu or ReDo (I forgot which) are stamped on the faucet body.

      Any idea who makes a replacement for this?


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      You have an American “Standard” parts available from the company OR Sexauer OR Creed MFG.

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      I figured it was American Standard. I don’t really want to buy parts, just a replacement for the entire fixture. My question was really “who makes a chrome plated externally mounted shower faucet?” I don’t see any such faucet being made by Moen, Delta or American Standard.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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