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        Greetings. I am working on the repair of the following system and respectfully seek advice. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

        System: 4″ Franklin Electric Submersible Motor (1/3 Hp, 115 volt, 60Hz, 3450 rpm, three-wire capacitor start) powered by 120 vAC, 20.83amp, 60Hz Trace inverter (solar) with 30-50 pressure switch and pressure tank.

        Problem: pump not working continuously…..pumps for 3-4 seconds / stops for 10 seconds and cycles as such until pressure tank full.

        History: the original problem was that the pump was not working at all. We found a blown start capacitor in the control box and replaced with 110 volt capacitor that we had laying around. When capacitor replaced, current problem occurred.

        We thought that problem could be in pressure part of the system. So, we drained tank, checked pressure and for air leaks. No leaks and 28psi pressure – seems fine.

        Replaced check valve between well and tank, but still the same problem.

        Cracked the water line at a point before the pressure switch and tank. Put a drain line on to test. Same problem, even when I by-pass the pressure switch. Flow seems very good for the 3-4 seconds that the pump works….

        so, I’m thinking that there is definitely something wrong with the pump. does it sound like something that could have got fouled in the control box when the capacitor blew? or does it sound like something with the submersible itself? If so, any ideas?

        Thanks for any help!

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        Avatar photodaveroconn

          Franklin makes a 230V motor in 1/3 hp verify that you have the correct motor. Sounds like thermal overload is causing problem. Recheck all numbers see this web site. Why was start capacitor blown this has some thing to do with it. Does pump have a three wire or a two wire lead?

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          Avatar photoGuest

            The motor is 1/3Hp, 115 volt with four wires to pump, model 214 502 90.

            I don’t know why capacitor failed; maybe old?; maybe lightning, but no other evidence of that. It leaked all over the place….

            You suspect thermal overload in the pump itself? Any thoughts on cause or possible repair? Thanks again for any assistance!

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            Avatar photodaveroconn

              Call Fraklin Electric ask for tech support. You stated that you don’t know how old this original capacitor is. How old is the control box?

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              Avatar photoGuest

                u have two parts in that box..the capacitor that u replaced and the relay u prob need to replace..if that doesnt fix it u either have an open in the black wire or the motor is bad

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