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        Hello, My father used to be a handy man at a building. And the building had a closet auger that he found very easy to use becuase the bulb on the end is very flexible. The bulb is put together in to parts to give it this flexibility. It looks like any closet auger except for this feature. My father has just recently retired and he bought a closet auger, but he hates it becuase the bulb is complelty regid and he can’t find the auger like the one he used at work. Does anyone know a company that sells a closet auger that i’m talking about with a bulb that is very flexible and not regid? Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Your looking for the General drop head auger from General spring and wire.
          ( Pennsylvania) They are available from any plumbing supply cost approx. $27 Pays for itself 1st time used. They come in various lengths.

          The only problem is with the new 1.6 GPF this kind of head some times has a hard time passing through.

          You dad is correct about this tool. I have made over $3000 from these money makers as I have them on all my vans. GREAT PRODUCT

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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