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        My toilet is clogged right now and is overflowing. I’m pretty sure it’s because my roommate flushed a wad of paper towels down there (I don’t know why) I’ve already tried plunging it and I’ve stuck a bent clothes hanger up there, but no luck. Is there anything I can do myself to fix it? I don’t want to call my landlord or a plumber because I’m a broke college kid, so if anyone has any suggestions, please post. Thanks!

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          OK put the plunger into the toilet and TRY to cause a VACUUM rather then trying to push the stoppage more down stream. In other words TRY USING an upward motion PULL UP after you get the plunger into the bowl. If this works YOU JUST saved exactly 127.50 PLUS tax (min)

          Good luck

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            Well, would he save EXACTLY $127.50 plus tax? Or would he save a MINIMUM of $127.50 plus tax? I just hate it when a licensed professional quotes one EXACT price only to later charge a different, more expensive price. If one quote is the minimum, then they should not use the word “EXACTLY.”

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Jack your even more of a mental midget then I originally thought.

              “If this works YOU JUST SAVED MIN of” < What don’t you understand about this?

              Jack wrote on 12 June 2000 at “The Home-Depot employee suspected”

              YEAH RIGHT…. Jack asks a store clerk SIGHT UNSEEN about his plumbing THEN this low life (Jack) has the NERVE to ask if the clerk is right.

              Jack how would you feel if someone PESTERED you like you haunted that poor store employee? Lucky Jack YOU have no skills it would appear especially in business

              Jack GO BACK to your HOME Depot “plumber” and ask him/her to explain flat rate/upfront pricing with add ON’s

              Jack NOT every Job is T&M some are based on the AVERAGE time.

              For example I am sure the Home Depot (plumber LOL) person your pestering to death and who finally asked you to bother someone else tried to explain the following.

              A “normal” toilet stoppage takes less then 10-12 minutes to clear considering a service call is based on a min 1 hour is how I derived at this amount 1 man 1 HR =$127.50 (Mon – Fri 8 AM -3:30 PM using a class B journeyman)

              NOW loser try to understand this IF the stoppage was wedged in tighter AND the toilet has to be taken up then there are parts required to re install the toilet.

              ONLY you KNOW for a fact that this stoppage could be removed with either an auger or a plunger without trying 1st HUH jack HUH?

              The above is Jacks mentality. He goes to home depot and pesters the poor clerk trying to make a living THEN comes here to prove the clerk is a liar.

              Second guessing as he put it “A retired Plumber” in a later posting to cover his inept attempt at lying.

              Jack would never in a million years consider the fact he is looking for free advice as he doesn’t know ANYTHING that is why this poor insecure person has to ask a home center employee THEN post the same question on here THEN goes on a rampage when he is found out to be a guy looking to get over on HIRING someone as he is too stupid to figure it out himself.
              Rather then calling his local plumbing contractor this cheap skate low life keeps looking for more FREE STUFF.

              Amazing the dregs of society that exist. Jack please do yourself a favor and go out and LEARN something. You normally get what you pay for. Would YOU hire you?LMAO

              Go BACK to another home depot and ask another stock clerk about flat rate pricing and how stoppages are mostly based on this type of pricing.

              Jack PLEASE do NOT pester the same GUY find another home depot as I am sure the poor “retired” plumber ( still working according to you) is sick of you already. Unfortunately if YOU (Jack) had any brains I could explain how some toilet stoppages have to have the toilet taken up and a new wax gasket and brass floor flange bolts have to be installed BUT you being an idiot have no conception of mechanics and how pricing works.

              Hey Jack ever have an electrical problem and given a contract price BEFORE they actually started working?

              Hey Jack HOW much does a 30,000 mile tune up cost on a 4 cylinder car? DUH TELL ME Jack pleaseeee

              A car is a car JUST like a toilet is a toilet HUH Jack.

              Jack face it DUDE your a BORN loser, looking to prove how smart you are by asking a home depot employee questions THEN second guessing him

              Get some BASIC books and Learn something before you ask such stupid questions.

              Remember YOU came HERE, I would never ask you ANYTHING that requires thinking. Even the home depot guy DIDN’T come asking you questions YOU pestered him.

              Jack you really should consider THINKING before you post your moronic statements. This list is here to try to help folks BUT of course YOU would NEVER share any knowledge as you have none.

              My original posting of you was right on the money YOU deserve home center advice. This list is for folks seeking professional input (Jack look up professional)

              Have a great one guy After you run out of home depots try another store chain. They deserve your MONEY LOL your last of the big spenders I can tell.

              The answer to the tune up is my Subaru’s cost 4 cylinder $265 My Mercedes $980.

              So Jack it would appear not all 30,000 mile tune ups ARE the same even on a 4 cylinder 16 valve engine ( Subaru 2.2 (now 2.5)legacy LSI… Mercedes 190 2.3 16v)

              So guy not all stoppages ARE the same but hey you know best as you learned from the “retired” guy “WORKING” in the store.

              FYI Jack a “retired plumber” could make double what a department store pays, by just doing take off on blue prints OR teaching apprentices Or working part time in the shop But you being a know it all never thought about it.

              Only YOU would think a “plumber” would be happy making $10.00 per HR in a store dealing with YOUR type of mentality then working for $25.00+ working part time dealing with professionals YUP your a GREAT BUSINESS minded person Jack

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                It would be one thing if you said “if this works you saved a minimum of …” HOWEVER, you wrote “if this works you just saved EXACTLY 127.50 PLUS tax (min)” which makes no sense. Go back and re-read your post. Better yet, go back and edit your post (as you’re keen on doing).

                You still have not learned the distinction between “you’re” and “your.”


                P.S. You’re beginning to pay way too much time to my posts. LOL

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