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        I have two toilets in the house. The one I use the most in the master bath has, over the last 4 months, not been working right…the inflow into the tank is very slow. It takes about a minute or so for the tank to fill. The other toilet works just fine. What could be the problem?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Depending on the type of fill valve what the remedy is.

          Some older ball cocks have a washer while others have a diaphragm.

          As the washer gets older it can start to disintegrate do to all the chemicals they are adding to the water supply (like chlorine) The diaphragm type like the Fluid Master depends on a rubber diaphragm type washer that can lose its elasticity.

          Knowing the type of ball cock you have inside the tank you can then go to a plumbing supply and get the rebuilding kit for your type of valve.

          I have found over the years it is much more cost effective to just replace the existing valve speaking from a contractors point of view. Considering a new 400A for example cost around $6.00 and for the peace of mind you have something new that should last many years (the labor rate varies considerably). You can try one more thing and that is to make sure the shut off valve by the tank is fully open then cracked (turned) back about a 1/4 turn so it doesn’t seize up in the open position. If all else fails hire a plumbing contractor.

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          Avatar photoKathy

            Thanks very much for your very informative answer. Yes, the knob is open all the way and backed off a quarter turn. I will take your advice and change out the “innerds” of the tank. I do appreciate your time.

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