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      I want to pump water from a spring located at the foot of a big hill to a cabin site at the top of the hill (200 ft above). Electricity is not available. What type of pump should I use? Could I power an electric pump with a gas powered generator? Thanks!

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      A pump that will deliver water up an elevation of 200 feet will need to be a
      multistage centrifugal type or a piston pump capable of a discharge pressures
      exceeding 100 lbs. There are solar water pumping systems that require a
      solar array instead of a noisy and trouble prone gasoline driven generators.
      These small DC driven pumps are typically used in situations having head
      pressures in excess of 300 feet and more. To convert PRESSURE into feet of height take the pressure and times it by 2.31 to find your static pressure (no flow) take the height and times it by . 434

      TRY this site

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      One more point HAVE THE WATER TESTED for quality . You may need a filtration system including an RO system.

      Taking spring water not knowing what is upstream of you could prove very dangerious. Today with all types of pesticides leaching into the ground your better off being safe then sorry later.

      Good luck

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      Sylvan is right, Please see this site as well very interesting.


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      Thank you Dave, GREAT site you gave us thank you again. Sylvan

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      how to pump water up hill from a spring? easy! install a hydraulic ram pump that works entirely on the force of the falling water. typically, you can pump up hill tens times the original drop of water from the spring to wherever you install the ram. write me and I’ll see if I can help you further.

      Stuart Leiderman
      Environmental Response

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      What ever system you use, the idea is not to pump it to the cabin, but to a holding tank above the cabin. Then gravity feed the cabin from the tank

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