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        The linoleum is getting discolored in our 2 year old house around the base of the toilet. Please tell me step by step how to replace wax seal if this is indeed the problem. Thanks, Terry

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          Hi Terry, before you decide to replace the wax gasket you could try the following

          1- Try to gently shake the bowl and if it does wiggle you can tighten the floor flange bolts GENTLY as this is China your working with.

          2- Double check the perimeter around the base of the toilet to make sure it is actually wet and not from someone missing the mark

          3- If your area has a lot of humidity and there is either a slow leak past the tank bulb (flapper) OR heavy usage this could also account for the water marks on this flooring

          Now I am assuming you have a tank and bowl instead of a flushometer lets really go basic with the wax seal replacement Considering you are a journeyman you should be more then qualified for this.

          1- Shut off the water supply valve located on the lower left hand side of the tank ( normally)

          2- Flush the tank and hold handle down to drain out as much water as possible

          3- Disconnect the water supply hook up from the LARGER upper nut (The lower one connected to the bottom of the tank as the upper “lock nut” only is for the installation of the ball cock

          4-Looking at the base of the toilet hopefully you will see two brass nuts about 1/4″ in dia loosen each one completely If they are covered try prying off the plastic caps with 2 flat head screw drivers one on each side

          5-After these nuts are completely off gently pick the toilet and tank straight up so as not to disturb the water in the bowl from spilling. If you have a wet dry vacuum use it to not only remove the water left in the tank after flushing BUT any in the actual bowl.

          6-Remove the old wax gasket with a putty knife and then gently remove the existing floor flange bolts by sliding them to the widest opening in the brass floor flange

          IF YOU have plastic drainage piping including a plastic floor flange your much better off calling a journeyman plumber (who knows he may need a 4 way light switch)

          If it is a brass floor flange you then take up these old bolts and install NEW ONES

          Try to get Hercules brand or SOS nothing imported You should also consider a deep seal wax gasket (the one with the plastic horn)

          7- When replacing the new bolts into the slotted floor flange try install them at the same roughing * measurements as the existing was

          10″ 12″ Or 14″ rough (* roughing is the center of the toilet bolt holes from the finished wall)

          Once you set this measurement you can place the deep seal wax gasket in between them and push down slightly so the horn sets in the lead bend.

          Now gently set the toilet back on these bolts shifting it if needed to get both bolts through the openings on the base of the toilet.

          Put slight pressure on the toilet bowl to get the wax to squeeze slightly and this way the bowl will rest on the floor.

          Tighten the bolts evenly VERY, VERY, VERY, carefully just until they are snug You can try moving the bowl side to side and if it doesn’t move STOP making up on these bolts.

          You can hopefully re attach the water supply nut and open the valve slowly checking for leaks around the water supply connections. When the tank is full flush it checking all around the base for leaks. If now leaks you can now pour your wet dry vacuum water into the toilet bowl.

          Depending on the color of your toilet what color grouting you would put all around the base of the toilet.

          Considering you are a highly skilled craftsman in your own right this is like installing a start, Jog, stop switch Muchexplain then actually do it.

          Ever try to tell someone how to install a 3 way switch with a runner? LOL
          If you have any problems please contact me as I have a few friends in SC who are licensed plumbers who I hope can help you out if needed. Have a great week end?

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          Avatar photoTBorgsc

            Thanks Sylvan, worked like a charm boy you plumbers have it together lol.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              TBorgsc wrote on 31 July 2000 at 11:37 AM:
              Thanks Sylvan, worked like a charm boy you plumbers have it together lol.

              Nah you electricans have it together LOL How about doing me a favor?
              Considering you just saved yourself a few big bucks please think about making a donation to ANY charity you feel is worth while any amount is ok also.

              Its our way of giving something back. I am glad it worked out for you. Have a great one.

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