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      House built in 93. Last year bang noise started whenever you turn on a fuacet (hot or cold, in shower or whenever). I am on a well, pressure tank is shuton/shutoff at 30-55. I increased it to 40-60 and same problem. I had a gas hot water heater put in last year and this seemed to happen shortly thereafter. It has a hot line recirculating feed to the second floor so I have hot water instantly in the morning. I have shutoff the recirculating valve and problem still there. I bought an air chamber device that is supposed to stop noise banging, but the instructions say this is mostly for shutoff noises. I emailed OATEY (the manufacturer of the device) asking if I should use it and should I put it on the cold line or hot line. No reply yet. Any suggestions on how to find the cause? Do I need the OATEY device? I also have intermittent sulfer problems and I have swapped out a lot of copper pipes to plastic in the basement. I have a system in place to handle the sulfer, but at times when sulfer content increase it seeps thru the system. At the copper to plastic merge points I have compression fittings. They are merged after the water softener.

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      1- Try lowering your pressure to 50 PSI this will elevate your water to a height of approx 115 ft

      2- Check by your H/W heater to see if you have a check valve on the return circulation line

      If you have a check valve close to the C/W piping you can get this kind of shock wave sound.

      3- Check your piping for excessive (long) runs without proper supports

      4- Double check to make sure all your valves are fully opened THEN crack them back a 1/4 turn to prevent them from freezing
      (sticking) in the open position.

      5- Have someone check the near heater piping for excessive fittings like ell bows.

      Good luck.

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