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      I’ve used fluidmaster flush valves and have used the old floating football etc. valve. — Recently had my pressure relief valve in house fail. Aside from blowing my water tank, my upstairs fluid master float flush valve failed. I replace it with a FILL-PRO….but
      could not get any explanation from the local hardware store on how it work. The package says it works by water pressure.
      What pressure? In the line? or in the tank?
      Is the Fill-pro any good or should I have kept using the fluid master.?
      tom koman

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      Fill-Pro’s are good for horse watering tanks because there is no float for the horse to play with. In a toilet, I try to always remove them and install a Fluidmaster. One problem with a Fill-Pro, (and also Delta), is that there is no way to manually shut them off if it will not shut off automatically. And if the wall shut off valve does not work, it can get very wet in a very short time.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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