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      I am a beautiful blonde with what appears to be an electrical/boyfriend problem.

      The GE dishwasher has stopped working and Bruno never works. He did check the fuse and the fuse is fine. The problem is with the dishwasher.

      When I lock the door and rotate the control knob, I hear the mechnical relays clicking, but there is no water moving, no motors humming. No constructive activity. In fact it is acting pretty much like Bruno. What is the likely source of the problem?

      This Bruno guy is worthless. If you help me, maybe you can be my next boyfriend.


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      If you give Bruno a dishrag and a towel, you will not need the dishwasher, and after a couple of days you may still have a dishwasher problem, but the Bruno situation may be gone. At that time, you may find that the fill valve is broken, the motor is frozen, of something may be stuck under the water level float in the front corner of the dishwasher.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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