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      We are in search of grab bars for showers. If you could get back to me on where to view products of this nature please.

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      Contact your local plumbing supply OR hospital supply company.

      Now FYI Grab bars are available in many configurioms;installation methods are nearly as numerous. Grab bars can be used to help maintain balance and ensure footing in assuming the normal standing, stooping and sittings postures during the bathing process. These bars become useful additions to the overall safety of the bathroom. Grab bars (and towel racks which may also serve as grab bars) should be designed without pinch points, sharp edges, and pointed ends. The materials selected for use in the fabrication of grab bars and grab bar installation components should be shatterproof and should possess sufficient strength and durability to withstand their maximum intended use over the planned life of the dwelling. Combination soap-dish grab bars, if grouted into a ceramic tile wall, do not have sufficient strength and durability characteristics to provide adequate protection and support.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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