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      Where can I get an inexpensive water pressure gauge that screws onto the outdoor faucet to check actual pressure? Also, how much pressure is required for an outdoor lawn sprinkler system? This is a community water supply and my yard is approximately 18,000 square feet. Email replies if possible to chuck@usac.net

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      As a licensed Master Fire Suppression piping contractor we constantly have to take the hydrostatic pressure of the upper most sprinkler piping to make sure we have adequate pressure for the upper most heads.

      The gauge I use cost around $10.00-$15.00 and it is nothing more than a gauge calibrated from 0-100 PSI and is connected to an adapter that goes from 1/4″ Female to 3/4 hose bib connection.

      This gauge screws on like a garden hose nozzle. Contact your local plumbing supply and tell them you want the gauge that can be connected to the hose bib.

      This gauge is NOT intended to remain under pressure JUST to take the pressure of the system periodically.

      The actual required pressure to activate the various sprinkler heads depends on the manufacturers design. Generally I look for a pressure of a minimum of 40+ PSI

      18,000 Sq. Ft is a lot of footage and you may have to sprinkler it in stages as to have enough volume to satisfy this system as the flow rate in GPM may require an over sized water main supply pipe.

      You can expect a large pressure drop when all the heads kick in. I hope you have anti scald showerbodies so when your taking a shower and these devices do kick in you don’t get that sudden burning effect from the lack of C/W pressure.

      You may have to install a temperature/ pressure balanced shower valve.

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