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      Since getting a new hot water tank installed, each time I shut off the hot water taps, the pipes make a loud ratteling noise. The company that installed the tank ( a rental), say it’s because I have an older home, and do not have any “buffers” on the hot water lines. and that there is now more pressure from the new tank.
      Any suggestions?

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      WOW Linda, what A line I must try to remember it.

      Tell you what want a better come back to this LINE. Tell em HEY it didn’t make noise UNTIL you fiddled with it.

      INSTALLING a hot water tank does not increase pressure.

      I would also ask what the license number is of the installing PLUMBER

      Now let me give you a little secrete information.

      A lot on non licensed BUMS dabbling in plumbing have a tendency of trying to salvage the old valves and if they closed an old globe valve (washer type) and then partially opened it the washer could become loosened and hence the rattling sounds as the water passes over this defective washer.

      Another cause of chattering is the non skilled MUTTS trying to use a gate valve for throttling as the gate will cause turbulent flow passing this restriction (gate) as opposed to laminar flow.

      Call the installers BACK and say NO NOISE BEFORE YOU CAME now there is .FIX IT . I must admit that EXCUSE is origional..

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      What was a rental? The tank? or the company that installed it?lol
      Whenever I replace a hotwater tank i try to change as much of the old pipeing,including the shutoff valve, but when you tell the customer it will be a little bit more in the price they don’t want it.Try looking around the pipes near the floor joists and have someone try to get the noise to come back. It could be the the plumber removed a clamp on the pipes and it could be just a simple fix.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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