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        I’m getting a great deal of amber colored sediment from my cold water tap. It is now clogging the screens in the faucets weekly. Could this be from a water softner system or do I need to look elsewhere? We’ve lived here 10 years and have had no problems in the past.

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          By-pass your water softener first and see if this problem goes away. Sounds like the water inlet basket located at the bottom of your softener has failed then all of the media in the tank will be distributed throughout your house. Most likely through the highest flow areas like toilets and faucets. These tiny beads will raise havoc on your plumbing fixtures. Call a water treatment professional to fix your softener if this is the problem. Good luck

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          Avatar photoGuest

            Thanks took sample to local plumber and he confirmed my problem and gave me the same info Have now replaced my softener and problem has gone away thanks again jim

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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