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      I have replaced the entire insides of all three of my toilets over the last year. One of them is very slow to refill. I have checked the water value (on full) and the tube for kinks (none). Any other ideas?
      This site is great. Thanks for all the interesting information !

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      Depending on the type of fill valve you have would determine the adjustment/ repair.

      Some ball cocks like the 400A are more forgiving passing sediment then a ball cock with a smaller orifice. If you can shut off the water supply to this defective on disassemble it FLUSH it out put it back into service you should be in great shape.. GOOD LUCK

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      with the fluidmaster, if the inlet pipe is to long it will block the inlet side, and restrict the flow

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      If you have an older house , with galvanized piping, it’s possible you may have some rust stuck at the supply stop. Another possability is the supply stop washer is bad (ie: breaking up, coming off, swelling).

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      sometimes when you change your fluidmaster and you shut off the valve to the supply line it will cut the washer inside the valve take the line back off and look inside the valve where the line was you may see a peace of rubber stuck in there that is what a have came across in my time as a apartment maintenance tech.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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