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        We have three Gerber toilets with elongated bowls. Ever since we built the house (1987) they have never
        flushed very well (lazy flush and often stop up). I was recently reading about toilets and the emphasized the
        need for a good flow of water, both from the rim holes and the lower jet. Water flows very well from the rim
        hols, but I put my finger down near the lower jet and there is very little water coming out of this jet on all
        three toilets. I put my finger up the holes and the openings seem to be blocked with porcelain. It appears as
        though there is a manufacturing flaw. Have you experienced this problem before? Do you know how I can get in
        touch with Gerber? Are they easy to work with on issues like this? Any help would be great.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          I have Gerber in my home (UNDER DURESS) as they WERE CHEAP and available at the time.

          I would have rather bought a Crane toilet (less money BETTER PRODUCT)

          Gerber as bad As I feel it is STILL much better than the NEW Kohler Or American Standard IMHO.

          Are these toilets tank and bowl or flushometers?

          Mine are flushometers and using the Sloan Royal are the only way to go. If you have the tank type you can try raising the water level to maximum (about a 1/2″ below the over flow tube) and adjusting the tank bulb according for a longer flush. Good luck

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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