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      Our 1921 home has toilets without tanks. On occassion the water will continue to run in one or more of the toilets. We’ve tried flushing other toilets to stop the problem. Finally, my husband figured he’d turn the water off and then turn it back on slowly, this has solved the problem for now. Do you think this was the problem? Is there anything else we need to do to prevent this from happening again?

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      Many of the homes I service around here (NYC) were built in 1922 or before.

      These have wall hung tanks and or flushometers. The problem with the flushometers is the diaphram/piston type of flushometer has an auxiliary relief valve built into it ( A tiny hole) which can and does get blocked up with sediment. By turning the water off then on your actually flushing this little orifice clean and then the pressure equalizes and shuts off the incoming water by resetting this device.
      You should try to get the name of the manufacturer of your flushing device incase you need parts.

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