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      What are the advantages or disadvantages of a hot water heater over gas? How much more expensive are they to operate? What special wiring or installation is required? Different types?

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      It all depends on your local utility costs per therm
      1- Gas can explode and the fumes can kill you

      2-Electric is clean energy BUt more expensive generally

      3- Electric heaters can be had in 110-440 Volts

      4- Gas can have various inputs as natural “gas” can have a low of 900 BTU’s per CU FT and a high of 1,200 BTU’s per cu ft. You have to contact your local supplier to find out your heating value. Also your height above sea level has a lot to do with gas heating Less oxygen less efficency.

      5- Electric heater require no venting

      6- In case of a black out you lose H/W not so with gas heaters.

      7- To find the actual cost to operate contact your local utility

      8-The “gas unit” requires more service as far as cleaning goes (flue and burners)

      9- Electric heaters require a dedicated circuit BUT a water heater can go off a 3/4″ branch line DEPENDING on developed lenth and BTU input.

      Both heaters depend on the watts/btu input for recovery rate

Viewing 1 reply thread
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