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        I have just replaced my gas Hot Water Unit which died on Christmas Day!.Coincidently (?) my next door neighbours are also replacing their unit which carked it over Xmas.� The distance between our 2 HW units is not more than 6 feet.� Our properties are two quite separate houses. My unit has a� July 1986 manufacture date, the neighbours unit is 1988.� Both units overflow with water if the mains water is turned on.� � Is it possible that there is a problem with the water supply which has caused both units to die?� There is a recurring problem with water breaking through the road surface on the road outside of our properties – this was repaired by the water company again yesterday. � Am I just being paranoid -is it possible that something has occurrred to damage both units?� Any thoughts, comments etc would be appreciated.� � Many thanks Shine

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          Shine….I doubt Coincidence or conspiricy had any thing to to do with the near simultaneous failure of the water heaters. I would suspect that this failure is the result of hydraulic forces within your neighborhood. Sometimes when repairs are made in the municipal water lines, high pressure surges can damage appliances connected to that line. It may be that you and your neighbor are not the only folks in the area to experience the loss of a loved one do to hydro-static surge in the water main????…..Bud..Happy New Year Suncoast Plumbing. Sunny Florida.

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            Okay do you actually believe in cospiricy theroys ? I mean its all right and all some people are just naturally paranoid but come on who would be running and operation like this?? Is it the goverment, the Burrow the CIA or some unknown orginization? What eles would be happening to anyways do you think that some colds or something are part of it too? Im just wondering so dont get upset or anything pal. Do you think that some people are soing secret work or do you just watch the X-files too much well gotta go sIMPSONS are on.

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