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        In remodeling a bathroom, I have lowered the floor two inches. The flansge that the toilet attaches to is now two inches above the floor. How is this flange removed and is there a fix to lower the flange to the proper level? Thanks for any input. Norm

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        Avatar photoNorm montigny

          Norm…….You didnt say what the material the closet bend is , Cast Iron or Plastic ??If it is plastic, slide an ABS or PVC flange over the outside of the pipe, and cement in place. (BE SURE THE FLANGE IS POSITIONED THE RIGHT WAY BEFORE CEMENTING.If it is cast iron…Roll up some news paper and put down inside the pipe so that nothing will fall in while you are working on the pipe and flange. Sometimes if this is a lead and oakum joint, and (if your the lucky type) you can drive the flange down to the desired position by using a 2lb. hammer and a piece of 2 x 4 by hitting a sharp blow alternately from side to side on the out side edge of the closet flange. Care must be taken, cast iron is quite fragile. If you succeed in getting the flange driven down the closet bend, the surplus cast iron pipe can be broken out with a smaller hammer by giving a sharp blow with the hammer to the pipe…from the inside to the out side. If you are lucky enough to have gotten this far, then recaulk the lead that is holding the flange to the pipe. This can be done by tapping straight down on the lead with a hammer and blunt chisle, all away around the entire flangel. Lotsa luck………Bud.. Happy New Year.. Suncoast Plumbing Inc…. Sunny Florida…

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