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        In an effort to save money, which isnt there anyway, I have been in the process of trying to fix my washer. the problem doesnt appear to be major but potentially major. recently the spin cycle started making grinding noise right at the start. I checked belts, brakes… seemed ok. upon taking off cap of agitator, the agitator seemed really loose. almost like a piece was missing or had broken off. today i decided, since the library was closed, i would surf the net for pictoral details of a washing machiness inner parts and layout of agitator and its workings. upon taking agitator apart, it just seems like something was missing because its loose. could you, in anyway, be of some assistance to this broke ($ & washer) mother of 4? thank you and will be eagerally awaiting your reply…cynhoard

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          Cynhoard (Mother of Four) Although you did not say what make of washer you have, I got the impression that it is a Kenmore or Whirlpool. If this the case, it sounds very much like the bearings that carry the agitator shaft and spin tube assembly have come to the end of there useful life. These are oilite bushings that have a history of this type of failure after a relatively long service life. If this is the case , repair can be more costly than is economical . Wish I had better info for you..BudHappy New Year Suncoast Plumbing Sunny Florida..

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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