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        You previously answered a question I had a week ago or so. I have checked every thing out thouroughly now. We have a one inch main coming in. We have no, zero, nothing, OLD as far as plumbing goes in our 1904 house. We have ONE shower, ONE toilet, and 2 sinks hooked up. Before the new sink was installed there was a sink that was a 5 yrs old sink that had GREAT water pressure. we took that out, then the new one went in. Now there is no pressure. ALL plumbing is new in this house. how can there be such a severe change in pressure? We have not replaced the line into the home but it was done 5 years ago by the previous owner and again the previous kitchen sink had pressure, this new one has very little. Could it be a plugged line that the plumber put in?? The other sink is on the second floor, it had great water pressure before the plumber disconnected it and moved it to a new location, from the east wall to the west wall. Any suggestions appreciated! (-: PS> The lines coming out of the water heater are 3/4. and so are the ones he ran upstairs.

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