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        i live on the third floor of a condo complex. recently i have smelled sewer gas in the bathroom. the contractor said that when the weather is cold sometimes the gas can be pushed in to the house by the pressure of the heavier cold air outside. is this true?

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          Greg…The contractor may have a point. Need to know if your condos sanitary drainage system is on a gravity sewer…lift station or septic tank and drain field. Im really not to familiar with colorado plumbing. There are basics principals that are standard through out the country and apply in all locations. Is your apartment on the top floor of the condo ? Is there a laundry facility in your building taht may be the cause of the problem by exhausting to much air through the dryers, and thus causing a negative air pressure situation in the building. I have seen the above scenario many times here in Florida only we have the trouble when the air conditioning system doesnt supply enough make-up air in the building. This can actually draw sewer gasses from the drainage and venting system, whereever there is an opening, or bad seal. Check for leakage of the gas odor at the base of the toilt(s). Lotsa luck….Bud…Suncoast Plumbing…Merry Christmas. Sunny Florida…

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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