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        I just moved into a new home and noticed the first time I ran the upstaris shower that soon after I was done water started to leak directly below the shower in the kitchen. It dripped for about a minute and wasn’t a whole lot of water. I stopped using the shower and having been getting the run around from my builder since and have had to cotnact a lawyer. In addition, everytime it rained water was leaking in the same area in the kitchen. The roof was redone so my only thoughts were the rain was coming directly down the vents on the roof and leaking in the same area as the shower did. Am I right here? Does anyone else have any opinions? Thanks

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          As a teenager when I did built up roofing they normally lasted 30-40 years.

          So roofing is not normaly the culpret.

          The problem your having sounds like the vent going through the roof may have a loose joint or even worse a non connected pipe.

          Simple test have a roofer/plumber take a garden hose put it down you vent terminal careful NOT to wet the vent piping outside only down this pipe and watch for leaks.

          If a leak shows up you know it is a plumbers problem.

          Taking a shower and having a leak can be complicated and expensive to locate.

          A “shower leak” can be a simple grouting job or tightening a packing nut/gland on the showerbody

          Or a drain connection Or the lead pan (I NEVER use plastic crap or fiberglass base) may have a penetration Or the escutcheons were not properly sealed or the installer did a poor piping job using inferior materials like plastic piping. If the garden hose shows the leak the rest is simply opening the walls and ceiling and following the source

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            Since its a new building, get ya lawer onto the builder and plumber that did the work. All work will have a guarantee period. Assuming the laws are the same in the USA as her, then get the council inspectors involved.

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