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        Our toilet makes an awful squealing noise when it is refilling the tank. What can be causing this? My husband has adjusted the water shut off valve but no difference. It only does it when the tank is just starting to fill up until it is almost ready to shut off. Any help would be greatly appericated.

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          Disassemble the ball cock with the water off. Then put a cup over the small opening of the ball cock and reach down and open the supply valve allowing water to shoot into an upside cup/glass to make sure no debris is caught into contraption. Then reassemble and test. If it continues replace with a 400 A Fluid master

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            Why would anyone use a PLASTIC 400A when they can use a good quality BRASS (wolverine brass) ballcock, brass float rod, brass float ball, and brass refill tube. Is it because a 400A is cheaper (less expensive) or is it because PLASTIC is better?

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              Wolverine is A GREAT product BUT remember the BRASS ball cock still relies on a tiny RUBBER washer than will decompose in chlorine water not to mention how Brass does stain the inside of the tank with ALL the other chemicals they use today for the Safe water drinking act.

              The 400A is a positive OPEN close type of valve so there is no possibility of seepage going unnoticed that does happen with standard ball cocks

              The 400A requires NO TOOLS to repair adjust perfect for the home owner to work on AFTER the LMP explains the inner workings of it. The 400A can be adapted to a wide variety of tanks PLUS it allows the installer several choices of installation.

              There is NO possibility of sand holes that can be present on a brass casting.

              The telltale sound of the 400 A filling lets the home owner know without any exception that there is a water wasting leak present.

              The 400A can pass larger particles than most conventional ball cocks.

              The 400A is CHEAP in price but it holds up for years and the only part that can go wrong is the diaphragm that can be bought in almost any hardware store.

              The 400A comes with a vacuum breaker and some manufacturers still sell the ball cocks without this protection.

              The 400A takes up much less room in the tank and there by allowing the home owner to use “tidy bowl” or another product without fear of the ball cock arm getting hung up.

              The 400A is available any place and the Wolverine is ONLY available through plumbers BUT some plumbers charge more than others and thus the victims don’t know what they are actually paying the installer for the hourly rate.

              The 400A has much less moving parts and thus less maintenance.

              In 18 years I never ever had a 400A failure no matter what the water conditions are

              The stainless steel guide rod is not prone to pitting as much as the brass counter parts.

              NYC has slightly acid water which wont hurt plastic BUT brass can make the inside of the tank appear dirty and stain the bowl as BRASS develops a protective coating (Oxidation) I strongly suggest reading my articles about Plastic Vs copper and Visa versa.

              As professionals we try to find the BEST product per application.

              Although I love using cast iron and copper I would choose plastic over either for an acid waste. We must get out of the mind set of one material being superior over an other.
              WE HAVE CHOICES and this is my reason for choosing the 400a BUT I swear by the fantastic Quality of wolverine products JUST like the NIBCO just right for circulation and some of the Nibco fittings and valves along with EPC copper fittings. Choices is why we have more than one tool to do the job Have a great one. Respectfully Sylvan

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