Blowing PVC into old pipes to reline them?

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      Is there a process for blowing PVC in to reline old lead pipes, etc, rather than remove the pipes (e.g., from inaccessible locations)? Would appreciate any info. on this and where to go to get it done. I’m a consumer, not a plumber! Thanks!

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      There are several high quality relining methods out there DON’T just settle on PVC.

      Some of the rosin cures are stronger than the original pipe.

      Check your local codes to see which product is legal to use.

      Some folks use flexible polyuretnane gel.

      There is also polyrethane foam.

      Today trenchless technology has companies and materials springing up every day it seems.

      Check with your building department for which method THEY APPROVE good luck

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      Is this a common procedure? Do many/most plumbers do it? Or do we need to find some kind of specialist? Also, how costly is it?

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      Contact John Lancaster of Cole publshing inc. phone 715 546 3346

      OR Jim Skala Of the Perma- liner Industry

      Or Avanti international
      800 877 2570
      Tell him Sylvan says “HEY”

      Regarding the cost I would imagine the diameter of the pipe and the developed lenth in feet

Viewing 3 reply threads
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