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      Sylvan…. Hj

      You guys are great!(there are other’s here i’m sure)
      …thanks to all!

      Listen guys…you bring alot of people help …i think it’s wonderful that you guys take the time to post here with your endless stream of knowdledge )))))

      I wish you health and happiness for you and your families.

      Does it make a difference what side the gabage disposal goes on?..double sink with one large sink and a small sink

      PS Anyone here have their buisness near Bayridge Brooklyn?

      I will be needing a plumber to move(extend in wall?) gas pipe about 36 inches over to stove (want a direct connection to the back of stove instead of a flex running along the wall. (it’s a co-op) I will be breaking the wall myself and closing it back up. friend had a plumber move there gas pipe..i was watching him..and he only use plumber tape to seal the joints..was he suppose to use something else or in addition to the tape?

      He did a bang up job sealing the wall back up..i won’t be callin him.

      Also will be having a Jacuzzi installed in a few months( do you guys installed jacuzzi)…shoud i have the jacuzzi installed before the new tiles are put in or after.? jacuzzi first then tile i correct?

      I’m looking to spruce the place up before i sell it.
      Have a great day )))))

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      Thank you. H.J and I love going back and forth with teasing each other and trying to figure the best way of doing the job RIGHT.
      (constantly testing/teasing one another)

      About your plumber in Brooklyn NO PROBLEM. I have just the company for you. As a Bronx Plumber I send a lot of my lower manhattan accounts to Gangi Plumbing in Brooklyn. Roy is one of the best out there and his staff is top notch.

      Call “1 800 24 Gangi” Monday morning ask for Roy or Charlie and tell them Sylvan SAYS HEY.

      Your making the right choice using only licensed plumbers especially on gas work.

      Normally most NYC CO OPs ask for not only a license number BUT a certificate of insurance. This is for their protection.

      You may need a letter from the board of directors for their permission for the work you described. Good luck and believe me Roy is the best of the best.

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      The location of the disposer, (Disposal® is a GE trademark), is usually determined by several items. If the drain in the wall is located properly, then the disposer is normally located in the smaller bowl. But, some users install the disposer in the bowl closest to the dishwasher to expedite rinsing and stacking. Put it wherever makes the most sense to you. And Sylvan needs someone to keep him honest and civil, but it can be a full time job.

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