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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Can i get a undermount sink for a formica counter top?

        (kitchen sink)

        Will they install these sinks to formica or only ssv/corian etc?

        Thanks all.

        This board is great.

        Yeahhhh babyyyyyy


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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Yes but you need a hoody/huddy ring.

          Depending on which part of the country your from what they call this stainless steel retaining ring. Good luck and enjoy the week end

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          Avatar photohj

            They could be installed undercounter, but are not usually, since the only protection to the wood material is the strip of formica around the opening. Also the edge of the opening has to be a sharp 90 degree angle which is not all that attractive.

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            Avatar photoGuest

              Sylvan…. Hj


              You guys are great!(there are other’s here i’m sure)
              …thanks to all!

              Listen guys…you bring alot of people help …i think it’s wonderful that you guys take the time to post here with your endless stream of knowdledge )))))

              I wish you health and happiness for you and your families.

              Does it make a difference what side the gabage disposal goes on?..double sink with one large sink and a small sink

              PS Anyone here have their buisness near Bayridge Brooklyn?

              I will be needing a plumber to move(extend in wall?) gas pipe about 36 inches over to stove (want a direct connection to the back of stove instead of a flex running along the wall. (it’s a co-op) I will be breaking the wall myself and closing it back up.

              Hey..my friend had a plumber move there gas pipe..i was watching him..and he only use plumber tape to seal the joints..was he suppose to use something else or in addition to the tape?

              He did a bang up job sealing the wall back up..i won’t be callin him.

              Also will be having a Jacuzzi installed in a few months( do you guys installed jacuzzi)…shoud i have the jacuzzi installed before the new tiles are put in or after.? jacuzzi first then tile ..am i correct?

              I’m looking to spruce the place up before i sell it.

              Have a great day )))))

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