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        It’s not leaking on the floor. The flapper just doesn’t seem to be tight enough to keep the water in the tank. We replaced the flapper thinking it would solve the slight leaking, then refilling a little, problem which recurs over and over about every 10 minutes. It is still needing to fill itself every 10 minutes or so to keep a full tank. Did we get the wrong flapper. It was a universal type – our toilet is Gerber 1.6gpf. The flapper seems to fit just fine but why is it stil leaking water out of it?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Could be a defective over flow Tube

          Try using adecent quality flapper like a HUNTER or Delta

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          Avatar photoGuest

            My recomendation is to take the ballcock apart and check the rubber parts. If a grain of sand or sediment gets stuck on the rubber parts it will continue to fill the tank untill it goes down the over flow tube into the bowl and will fill the bowl so that it flushes itself. good luck. let me know how things come out.

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            Avatar photoScott Bryan

              We have found with the gerber 1.6gpf you must use the original flapper. It is a clear flapper we have tried every flapper then we used the original and the problem was solved. You should be able to get the original flapper from any supply house that handles gerber. The part # for the flapper is 99-523 if you have a problem finding the flapper you can go to our web site to see the complete parts breakdown for the gerber 1.6 toilet and order the part. Good luck,


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