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        Hi! I’m having trouble getting my baseboard heater/radiator to cool down. I’m from Canada, and living in a 50-year-old two-storey apartment building with water heating. All the other baseboard heaters in the apartment work fine, except the one in the master bedroom. The manufacturer is “WK” which could be anyone. The temperature of the heater is regulated by a clam-shaped switch with “off” and “on” positions. It seems completely mechanical in nature, with no electrical switching. I’ve tried pushing the switch to both “off” and “on”, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. It’s just plain HOT! It’s summer now, so I wouldn’t mind just turning the darn thing off until it gets cold. Any suggestions?

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          DEAR MAPLE LEAF:

          If this is a hydronic system, why is the boiler running in the Summer
          unless you
          have domestic water off the boiler and then why is the pump running to the
          space heating zone?

          You may also want to have a licensed plumber/boiler guy (licensed) check to see if the flow controller gave up the ghost or if someone played with it Eh

          The flow controller should prevent the H/W from flowing UNLESS the circulator is on calling for heat. Have a great one.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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