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      My family is going to be remodeling our bathroom, we are interested in replacing our old toliet with a “BRIGGS” model (Check
      My last name….Briggs) We thought this would be cute. i searched your sight and could not find a distrubitor for this brand. Please
      contact me with any information you have on whre I can order a Briggs toliet, or a plumber nearby that i could go through. I live in
      the San Francisco Bay Area of California.
      Thank you so much, and I enjoyed your sight!-Carrie Briggs

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      Contact “Drain GO” in SF tell Ron Syl says HEY

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      If I were you, I would buy another brand of commode, rather than changing my name and then buying a matching commode name. We had Briggs 1.6 gpf units installed, and we have to keep a plunger beside every one of them. We have to unstop them regularly! Same story with my brother-in-law.
      My suggestion: get an American Standard!

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      Ironically, I was looking at getting either the Briggs Vacuity or the American Standard Cadet. The Briggs is supposed to be a good performer and uses a WhisperVac technology for flushing. I ended up going with the Cadet since it was more easily available at Home Depot. Price-wise, the Briggs was a bit more expensive ($200 compared to $130 for the Cadet.) The Briggs web site is a bit spotty. Ask your local plumbing specialty store to see if they can track one down for you.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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