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      I just bought a new drain kit for my bathtub. The tub is fiberglass. When I set the drain into the tub, does the rubber gasket go in the tub or below? I put it in above, but it seems like the drain is raised just a bit so a small amount of water accumulates around the drain. Thanks!

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      The rubber gasket goes under the fiberglass. Generally plumbers putty is put where you put the gasket and as you tighten the upper flange the putty squeezes out.

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      the rubber washer goes to the bottom. the top side of the drain kit requires some plumbers putty at the top of tub hole. iI usually roll it in my hands to form a tube and put it around the top side of hole in the tub,then screw the fitting into the drain kit threw the tub hole into female part of drain kit

Viewing 2 reply threads
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