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      We had this house built and we moved in seven years ago. Weve never had nor do we now have any problems with our Septic system but wonder if it is absolutely necessary to have the tank pumped out very three to fiv years as we have heard mentioned. The sytem, I assume, is fairly typical for our type soil condtions. We basically sit on top of a hill of soid bedrock that starts at aprox. four feet below ground level. A hole had to be blasted in the rock to allow for the septic tank then more blasting was done from the tank to the seventeen chambered leach field. Being on a steeper side of the property, the leach field didnt require blasting, but did require truckload upon truckload of gravel first below then on top, followed by a layer of loam. A telemarketer talked me into taking delivery of a product called Septic Care which purports to eliminate the need to ever pump out the system. In theory (theirs) this product inoculates your system each month with beneficial bacteria that liquefies the solids a and scum, allowing gray water to drain into the leach field normally. Does anyone have any experience with this product or possibly a similiar product? I did not have to pre pay for this product but the six year supply that they sent is $169 if I choose to keep it. They have a web site at Thanks in advance, Richard.

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