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      Avatar photoMark Goodwin

        The shower pan in our 40 y.o. home needs replacing. Removing the flooring tile, and most of the built up cement/ grout, there was no pan or liner between the concrete foundation and the cement build up. There are traces of a lead covering on top of the cement but below the tile. Is this the way it should be replaced? The drain hub protrudes through the foundation about an inch or so and is set off center, which makes buying a prefab pan out of the question (I believe). What about the use of sheet or rolled vinyl or rubber pan material? Can this be placed over the built up cement, beneath the tile?

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        Avatar photoMike Rouse

          Mike….I admire anyone who is willing to roll up his(or her) sleeves to get a dirty job done, and replacing a shower pan fits that catagory. I dont wish to discourage you in this undertaking, but consider for a moment the$ ammount in labor and material that will be spent on this prject bfore you take your first shower . Unless you have had some prior experience with the installation of shower pans, you may wish to farm this chore out to someone that does this work on a daily basis (there are tricks to every trade, and tools as well). To do the job correctly, youll need a second story drain( Preferably cast Iron) and enough heavy guage(mill) Vinyl shower pan material to cover the entire shower floor plus enough to turn up the wall in all directions 8. If the building is as old as you indicated, the drain that goes down into the floor will in all liklihood be 2 cast iron. The new second story drain will have to slip over this pipe and the flange will have to be recessed 1/4 below floor level. The second story drain is available with a neoprene gasket, unless you want to get involved with a lead and oakum, I suggest you get that type. You will still have to deal with cutting off the cast iron stub at the appropriate height however.Care must be taken to prevent any debris from falling down into the open shower drain. If I have not discouraged so far, your on your way to a new experience……Lotsa Luck……Bud

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