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        We would appreciate your providing us with the latest statistics on plumbing labor force shortage.

        Thank you in advance,
        Olga Zatepilina
        Corporate and financial Communications Group
        Fleishman-Hillard, Inc.

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          There is NO labor shortage BUT there is a big skilled labor shortage due to some franchises lying to the general public by letting folks think a “plumber” can be trained in 12 weeks.
          The unfortunate thing is the poor flunkies who honestly believe they can be trained in less than a 5 year apprenticeship without code and theory and practical classes.

          Today the mind set is creating a generation of assembly line “techs” as no one mechanic can do several aspects of PLUMBING correctly.

          The new generation of BIG BUSINESS are training the mechanics to be a pricing serviceman without a license.

          The plumbing/heating failures are at an all time high even with all this high tech knowledge

          Think of the lawsuits going around due to plastic failures and EVERYDAY another company springs up pushing this same crap on the victims of society.

          Why shouldn’t there be a “shortage” of skilled journeymen out there when the so called bosses have NO heating/drain cleaning licenses and their employees know even less?

          When a failure in life joins a team of other failures and THEN reads very, very basic business books put out by another unemployable don’t you think that anyone with an ounce of brains would run like hell from this one time profession.

          What normal DECENT drain cleaner would opt to give a kick back (finders fee/commissions/GRAFT/franchise fee or other fancy term to someone several states away for the privilege of working in a sewer?

          I started one of my apprentices with over $25 per HR and a decent “plumber” I paid over $45 per HR in the envelope and this was in the early 80’s

          They money is here to be made BUT because of the lack of training the quality has gone down hill with the prices one can demand.

          Think about this, a half way decent mechanic today can make over $1000 per day. I know what I gross a day on the average. I know for a fact a two man shop can make well over $7,000 per week

          The key is let the home centers and franchises and DIY go up against one another and hopefully every department store will offer installations and tool rentals for the DIY to do drain cleaning.

          The more stores that rent out tools the better as the stumble bums who only learned pricing will soon have to find another field to dabble in.

          The average home owner can do a much better job than any 12 week wonder (6 week wonder for drain cleaning) and the average home owner can figure out what a flat rape (up front pricing) contractor is actually asking by just calling a home center and asking the price of the materials.

          People are not stupid generally BUT they do let their guard down when it comes to common sense with licensing laws which are here to protect them not the contractor.

          They price shop instead of seeking quality and this is why Quality craftsmen are at a premium. Read some of the plumbing publications and READ the “very basic books being peddled” THEN look at the back ground of these unemployables and ask them WHAT higher education do they posses OR how many jobs have they worked before they found their NITCH in pushing this really basic advice?

          A waitress doesn’t make a chef and a cashier doesn’t make a CPA but in plumbing today a drain maven without ANY FORMAL education is allowed to dabble with peoples lives.

          This is the real shortage of skilled folks in the field. That is what is really missing.

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