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      How can I increase the water pressure in my shower?

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      It depends on what is causing the pressure loss?

      1-Is it galvanic corrosion?

      2- Is it city pressure/well pressure that needs boosting?

      3-Do you have a partially crushed main or a partially closed valve?

      4- Is it just the shower head full of mineral deposits?

      5- Did you take apart the shower body to ensure that a particle of old washer may be the culprit?

      6- Are your pipes over sized so you get the volume BUT have a severe pressure loss

      7- Are you talking Volume or pressure

      8- Did you put a gauge on the nearest out let to find your actual pressure?

      9- If this is a high rise building is it gravity fed and what floor are you on?

      10-Do you already have a PRV located on the main of your in coming water supply line?

      11-Was this a chronic problem of just lately?

      12-Was any new plumbing added to this system?

      13-Did you bother to check for as flow restrictor inside the actual shower head?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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