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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        We are installing granite countertops and we don’t want that ugly dishwasher vent thing on the surface. Is there a way of getting around it? I’ve heard there are modifications that can be done. Thanks in advance.

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        Avatar photodaveroconn

          If your states building codes require that air gap and you havent had your plumbing inspection than you are in for bad news.

          If you are using a newer dishwasher that has an air gap or check valve built into it maybe you can get away with it. Check with your local codes.

          If no inspector is going to show up and you are doing it yourself.
          I have run the dishwasher return as high up into your cabinate as you can touching the bottom of the countertop and then down to your dishwasher connection on your drain. This would eliminate the “ugly dishwasher vent thing” on your countertop

          Hey I never told you to do that.

          Your sink would have to almost run onto the floor before water from a drain backup could enter your dishwasher and contaminate your dishes. The air gap is there for your safety.

          It’s really your decision

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            If your mean the air gap as a vent Yes you can do something to keep this ugly fitting from showing IF your local code allows.

            What you can do is as follows.

            Raise the discharge hose as high as possible and attach it to the under side of your counter top.

            This should be high enough to clear the air gap fitting of your D/W.
            What code officials are looking for is a way to prevent back flow of non potable water into the potable water system.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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