How do I replace pvc under the kitchen sink?

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        Ive browsed the other posts a bit and couldnt find an answer to my question….My pipe under the kitchen sink started to leak terribly one day , so I reached under and noticed that the pvc pipe was literally about to pop off! I removed it after cutting off the shutoff valve and noticed a wad of hard grease deposits stopping it up. I took the piece to Home Depot (after a good cleaning) to match up the size. I did, and after I got it home, I realized that the thread on the other pipe that it has to attach to is very worn and wont cooperate so to speak. Ive tried removing the other pipe, but it appears to be glued and is unmoveable! What can I do? Everything fits, the pipe is the proper size, but I cant get the darn thing to stay because of the lack of threading on that pipe!! Any suggestions, should I call a plumber? I have a hunch that this is probably an easy solution, you know the one that is so close, it can bite you? Any and All suggestions are welcomed!! Thanks so much!!! I will check back constantly for your answers..or you can email me at [email protected]! Thanks so much!! Renee

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