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      We had a new Rheem gas water heater installed Feb. 2000. The pilot light goes out almost every day, even
      though we had a new gas valve installed 2 weeks ago (on the recommendation of the company). What would cause the
      pilot light to go out so frequently (it is in the attic of our one story house) and what can be done to correct
      the problem?

      Thank you for your help!

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      Have the “LICENSED Master Plumber”
      Check for spill back.

      Have the LMP check the actual position of the thermo couple in relation to
      the flame tube

      Have the LMP check the actual relative humidity in the area as too much
      moisture building on the tank will actually put out a flame?

      Have the LMP (not some franchise “tech”) also measure the actual “Free air”
      for combustion?

      What could be happening is lack of oxygen during the heating cycle could
      smother the flame including the pilot light?

      Have the Licensed master Plumber Check the actual flue cap and install a
      “Swiss cap” where down drafts cannot be a problem as opposed to the CHEAP
      crap caps sold in most hardware stores.

      Check the actual flue piping for pitch and length and size and try to limit
      the amount of bends

      Try a smoke test to make sure your getting the proper up draft.

      Since your tank is in the ATTIC where did your Installing PLUMBER pipe the
      piping from your Temperature / pressure relief valve?

      What Provisions did your installing PLUMBER allow to prevent this tank from
      being siphoned out and THUS having the very real potential of EXPLODING.

      What code did this installing plumber follow about placing this heater on an
      attic floor? Did he/she allow for the possibility of this tank rupturing and
      letting scalding water cascade down the ceilings below?

      Of COURSE the installer did install this on a fire proof base away from walls

      The flue is a double wall type correct so you do not burn your home down
      setting the roofing materials on fire.

      Knowing that hot water naturally rises the contractor did make allowances for
      this as NOW your using a down feed H/W system?

      Is your return being pumped up or down or are you relying on the natural process of heat rising and by stratification pushing the colder water down?

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